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Directions to Porter Hall

Directions to Porter Hall

Directions from Frew St.:

Porter Hall is adjacent to Flagstaff Hill, part of Schenley Park. The ground entrance to Porter Hall is the A level. If you walk into the building and continue straight ahead, you will find the room as you approach the interior exit. Click here for directions through Google. 

Directions from East Campus Garage:

Upon exit of garage, travel away from Forbes Avenue and towards the center of campus. The large building to your left is the University Center. Walk around to the back side of the University Center (away from Forbes Avenue). The large grassy area between the University Center and Purnell Center is called 'The Cut'. There are many sidewalks around and through 'The Cut'. Walking on the sidewalk diagonally across 'The Cut' is your best option to arrive at Porter Hall. The diagonal sidewalk from the University Center will lead you to the front entrance of Doherty Hall. On your left, you will note the painted 'fence' and the campus clock. Pass Doherty Hall and continue on the sidewalk that leads straight in front of you. You will note the 'Mall', another grassy area that extends from the College of Fine Arts (building to your left) to Hamerschlag Hall (to your right), which is topped by the iconographic cupula. This sidewalk will lead you to a large building on the right, which is divided into two campus halls, Baker Hall and Porter Hall. Porter Hall is on the lower end towards Hamerschlag Hall. The sidewalk will lead you to the entrance of Baker Hall, which is on your right. On the left is Hunt Library. Upon entering Baker Hall, walk towards the hallway ramp in front of you and walk straight down to the end until you enter Porter Hall on the 100 level. The A level is located at the bottom of the stairs. Stairs and an elevator connect with rooms in the 200 and 300 levels.  

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