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Carnegie Mellon University Dept. of Modern Languages

Carnegie Mellon University Dept. of Modern Languages

The Círculo Juvenil de Cultura is featured on Carnegie Mellon University's Department of Modern Languages web page on outreach:

El Círculo Juvenil de Cultura se puede encontrar en la página de servicio a la comunidad del departamento de Lenguas Modernas de Carnegie Mellon:

[LACU] Taller de Arte Gratuito para Niños | Free Arts Workshop for Pre-Teens and Teenagers

Subject: [LACU] Taller de Arte Gratuito para Niños | Free Arts Workshop for Pre-Teens and Teenagers

4 y 5 de Agosto
Cultura, Identidad y Lenguaje
Taller Gratis para Niños
Hora: 9:30am a 4:pm (incluye almuerzo)
Society for Contemporary Craft, 2100 Smallman St., Pittsburgh, PA 15222

En este taller, estudiantes del grado 7 al 12 aprenderán como crear historias narrativas basadas en un exploración sobre el significado de la identidad personal Aprenderán a usar materiales y procesos diversos.
Cupo es limitado. Solo se ofrecerán 10 becas. Para registrar a su niño(a), llame al 412.261-7003 x 25 or escriba a <> .

Culture, Identity and Languagge Free Two-Day Creative Workshop
Tuesday and Wednesday, August 4 & 5, 9:30 am—4pm
Lunch is included!
In this workshop, students from 7th to 12th grade will enhance their understanding of personal identity and their ability to create visual narratives. The program will not only enhance the students’ creative problem solving skills, it will also expose them to different materials and processes. Thanks to a generous donor, we will offer 10 full scholarships for the program plus a bag lunch each day. Spots are first come first serve and registration is required; call 412.261-7003 x 25 or email

viernes, 24 de julio de 2009

Foreign language is key to success

In most careers, fluency in another language is highly valued, not only for what such knowledge indicates about the employee but also for business ventures, creating a scenario where expanding into a global market becomes viable. A study published April 2006 in the "Journal of International Business Studies" concludes that introducing employees that speak another language into the workplace actually cuts transaction costs that involve international clients. Previously, if an employee was multilingual, they were utilized merely for the translation of bureaucratic documents (e.g. questionnaires). Language and the associated ethnic conventions were segregated from the skill itself. Language is now an integrated strategy within corporations. Commercial culture has shifted in its perception of multilingual people. Possessing knowledge of multiple languages is associated with many valued qualities, such as versatility, perceptivity and cooperation. In the pre-twenty-first century corporate milieu, multilingualism would brand an individual as an expatriate of another country, the child of an immigrant, or European - no outstanding traits would be attached.

jueves, 16 de julio de 2009

Modelos hispanos en nuestra comunidad: Achugar

Tenemos el gran honor de compartir con ustedes el reconocimiento y la beca que ha recibido Mariana de la John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. Mariana estará en Uruguay durante los próximos meses realizando su investigacion. Felicidades a ella y buena suerte a toda su familia en esta nueva aventura.

We're proud to share with you the award given by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation to Mariana. She will be in Uruguay developing her research for the next several months. Congratulations to her and good luck to all her family in this new adventure.

The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation has named Mariana Achugar as 2009 Guggenheim Fellow. The annual awards support the research of those who "add to the educational, literary, artistic and scientific power of this country."

"Professor Achugar joins a prestigious group of Guggenheim Fellows, and to have her accomplishments and ideas acknowledged this way is a significant honor," said John Lehoczky, dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences (H&SS). " The fellowships are designed to support outstandingly talented individuals performing groundbreaking research. Professor Achugar exemplifies this ideal."

Achugar, an associate professor of Spanish and second language acquisition skills in the Modern Languages Department, will use the yearlong fellowship to explore what Uruguayan teenagers know about the military dictatorship and how they learn about it by following nine high school students from different political, social and educational backgrounds.

"My research will connect two strands — what history is and how it is taught in terms of language throughout intergenerational periods," said Achugar. "It's my dream project to further examine the roles language, memory and pop culture play in constructing Uruguay's recent history."

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martes, 14 de julio de 2009

Latino Family Center Grand Opening

Gracias al Latino Family Center por su invitacion a que participaramos de la gran inauguracion. Fue un placer estar alli!

Thanks to the Latino Family Center for inviting us to participate in the Grand Opening on July 9th. It was a great pleasure to be there!

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