Trabaje con El Círculo/ Work With Us

Empleo/ employment- El Circulo Juvenil would like to hire qualified Spanish-speaking teachers who have experience working with children ages 6-12 to run one or more of our workshops. Please contact us if interested.

Voluntari@s/ Volunteers- If you have interest in volunteering for El Circulo Juvenil Hispanic Studies Outreach Program, or you have been suggested by a member of the community as an eligible candidate, please fill out this form, or contact us.
For those of you who don't know us, El Circulo is a not-for-profit community enterprise aimed at working with Hispanic/Latin@ children in Pittsburgh, ages 6-12, in order to assist in the preservation and development of their Spanish skills and cultural knowledge.  We do this each term through 20-hour workshops held two hours every weekend at CMU. Volunteers will devote 20 hours in the term to assisting the children and the teacher/s. Other opportunities to volunteer "behind the scenes" for El Circulo include website/blog developer/writer, grant-writer, logistics/events coordinator, photographer/videographer, community liaison, etc. 
Pasantias/ Internships- If you are a student in a 300- or 400-level Hispanic Studies class (or a native or heritage speaker of Spanish) and would like to use your Spanish while performing a service in Pittsburgh's growing Spanish-speaking community, please contact us to inquire about the possibility of doing so and earning Hispanic Studies internship/service learning credit.

If you know of anyone else who might be interested in participating, please feel free to forward this information.

Clearances- Please note that per PA Laws governing CMU, all volunteers must have applied for their clearances prior to the start of the workshops. The Leonard Gelfand Center will assist in the process of obtaining clearances for CMU students.For all others, please see below.

Links for Background Checks

PA State Criminal History Report  The cost is $10.00.
PA Child Abuse Clearance

FBI Criminal History Report OR PA Resident Form and Waiver Request   The cost is $28.75. After registering, you must have your fingerprints taken at an approved fingerprinting site, which can be found at  .You must be fingerprinted within 90 days of registering or your registration will be cancelled. 

Click Below for a PDF of the PA Resident Form and Waiver Request.